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About Us

Increase your Credit Score!

Your credit score directly influences everything from buying a home, refinancing a house, qualifying for an auto purchase, or simply securing a good rate on a loan or line of credit. Unfortunately, life happens. It is almost inevitable for you to encounter problems in your financial obligations – late payments, collections, charge-offs, public records, bankruptcy, and a lack of positive credit on your credit reports. These difficult situations in the past may have dropped your credit score. Even small discrepancies in your credit report can negatively affect your score – and potentially mortgage loan interest rates you may qualify for.


That’s why it’s so important to prevent those mistakes. It could be the difference between getting your loan approved and having your dreams dashed. But don’t lose hope! There are solutions that can improve your chances of qualifying for a mortgage. 


What Sets Us Apart from Other Credit Repair Companies

At Hope Restored Credit Repair, we pride ourselves on being different from other credit repair companies. Our unique approach revolves around the utilization of consumer law to achieve effective credit repair for our clients. When we say we "put laws in," it means we leverage the power of consumer protection laws to challenge and remove derogatory items from your credit report or, if applicable, update them to reflect accurate and favorable information.


What sets us apart is our in-depth understanding of consumer law and its application to credit repair. By strategically placing laws in place for each derogatory item, we create a solid foundation for improving your creditworthiness. Our proactive approach goes beyond standard credit bureau disputes, allowing us to navigate the complexities of consumer law and ensure your credit report accurately reflects your financial history. With our tailored strategies, continuous updates, and commitment to empowering education, we provide a comprehensive credit repair experience that sets you on the path to a brighter financial future. Trust Hope Restored Credit Repair to harness the power of consumer law and make a real difference in your credit journey.

We prioritize direct and personalized communication, ensuring that you will always have direct contact with us instead of dealing with impersonal 800 numbers.

We Can Clean Up Your Past

We work with credit bureaus and creditors to challenge the negative report items affecting your credit score.


Factual Disputing & Consumer Law

We specialize in Factual Disputing and Consumer Law to quickly remove things from your Credit Score fast!

Track Your Present

Easy access to your account 24/7 for live status updates on improvements on your credit reports and scores.​


Restore Your Future

We’ll maximize your score so you can achieve your goals and learn how to maintain an awesome credit score long after our work is done.​

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